Your whole life informs your eye.
— Roger Deakins


  • Director of Photography

  • Camera Operator

  • Drone - Phantom Series

  • Sound

  • Editing/Color Grading

  • Producer

  • Adobe Premiere, DaVinci, Final Draft, Photoshop, Lightroom


Show up early. Work hard and smart. Coffee. Lot's. Strive for perfection. Obsess over the craft.

I’m quick with my hands; building a camera rig, using keystrokes in Premiere, or fixing a flat on the way to shoot, I always move with intent.

I’ll do anything to get the shot. Once, for a particular sequence, I went down to my boxers and stood in a river to get the best angle. The river is in Upstate NY and it was January!

I’m calm and patient under pressure; an unexpected storm rolls in during a tailgating spot, the deadline moves up, a first-time director isn’t sure about the actor’s beard. Everyone needs a solid shooter who knows how to quickly change the plan.

I’m always looking around corners to see what might be lurking in the shadows. I create solutions for problems before they happen.